For Them Tiny Feet

For her, with love.

For her, with love.

Here it is, one of the pair of booties I had in mind to for my little one’s tiny feet.

Following the video I put up two weeks ago on making your own knitted buttons, I put my head (and fingers) down whenever I wasn’t busy feeling sleepy and prepping baby things to whip up this pair. It was all lovely with the matching buttons, but still it was looking kind of plain. Then the other day, hubby and I was at a weekend market and we saw a stall selling haberdashery. I zipped on over and then there it was!!! The Windmill Buttons that I had been searching high and low for! To say I felt absolutely overjoyed is an understatement. I quickly picked out a pair and went to pay for them. Now that they are sewn onto the front of the pair of booties, it looks wonderfully complete :)

There are still two pairs that have got their straps and buttons on, but without embellishments. With the impending birth, I may just have to let baby wear them as is. Or I can hope that I will have time a bit later on (before baby’s feet get too big) to find something nice and add them to the booties.

At the moment, there’s a fourth pair waiting to be sewn up. It’s made of multicolour yarn. I LOVE multicolour yarn! If I get a chance to, I may add another post about it later today. Otherwise, this will be my last post for a while; I’m taking maternity leave from my blog. So before I end this, I’d like to say ‘Hi!’ to my new followers, thank you for following me :). Do hang around and I sincerely hope you enjoy reading my posts.

Hopefully I won’t be away for too long. But for now, till I can pop back in to say hello again, I wish all of you a lovely lovely Wednesday!

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7 thoughts on “For Them Tiny Feet

  1. Awe, those booties ‘n buttons are so sweet! … btw, if you can’t find enough buttons you like, then maybe try fine-weight yarn + 2 mm needles = tiny Sweetie❤KNIT❤Heart buttons. You might find they’re sized just right for the pitter-patter of your little one’s feet?
    Take Care, my friend. Praying all goes well with your delivery and time away on maternity leave! :)

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