Inspired by Knitted Buttons

I started making a few pairs of booties while I was making the Tulips Blanket, but I was lacking inspiration to have them finished.

I still haven’t finished them. The three pairs have been sitting in my knitting bag hanging out with each other, waiting for their straps and bits of decorations. Knowing that they’re there unfinished had made me feel really really awful. Still, the inspiration wouldn’t come.

Initially I thought to get some tulip-shaped or windmill-shaped buttons for the booties. So I searched high and low on the Internet and through shops, but I couldn’t find any such buttons. BOO! Then I thought I’ll get some simple buttons and use those instead. Yet something inside me didn’t really want to go ahead with that because doing so seems like I’m not putting any effort into making these booties special. I’ve really been struggling to come up with ideas. I badly want to be creative but my creative juice bottle is empty and hasn’t been filled up for months! Some phantom drained me dry and somehow made sure it stays so. =( Oh wait…it’s not a phantom! It’s just one of the many amazing powers of the baby growing inside me.

Since last week, I’ve been surfing through websites for ideas. Nothing in particular truly inspired me, though I did come across some very pretty baby booties :D I am so envious of those crafters’ creativity! Then earlier today, I thought to Google ‘knitted buttons’ and I found this —>

Perhaps some of you have already seen this clip, or perhaps you know how to make your own knitted buttons through other methods. It never crossed my mind that this could be done, and so simply too! For me, coming across this video now is like striking gold! I finally have an idea of what I want to do with the booties =D I’m going to make me some buttons using the same yarn I made the booties out of, and then I’m going embellish the front of the little shoes with other fancy buttons, ribbons or flowers. Oh I’m so very happy now that I have a direction!

Off to the needles I go…. =D

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