My Labour of Love – The Tulips Blanket

Mr Hubby said to me this morning, ‘It’s Tuesday today.’

I looked at him and just managed to utter an ‘Mmmm’ as a reply.

I know what he meant, and I know some of you may be wondering why I’ve gone quiet. I haven’t been doing my Tuesday posts and it’s not because I’ve gone into labour already – there’s still about another 5 weeks for that. So what’s been going on? Well, I think the thing is all the baby research has put my mind on information overload and I just lost the ability to sit down in front of the computer for a fair while to get anything done. This morning it felt like today’s another one of those days, but I told forced myself to just sit down and get this done, or it will never get off the To-Do list.

So here it is, the blanket project that I had been working on….FINISHED.

The Tulips Blanket

Cast-on on 1 Nov 2013 and completed on 23 Dec 2013, this Tulips Blanket for my little one measures 38″ x 38″. It’s the biggest blanket I’ve knitted by far. Made with 8 ply 100% pure Australian wool, the blanket has a total of nine tulip motifs and features a seed stitch border. I had intended for it to be about 36″ x 40″ but the final square measurement is just as nice. I’m very happy with how the blanket turned out as it’s my own design and I finished it before the little one is born. (Note: by ‘my own design’, I mean that someone else came up with the lace tulip motif pattern but this blanket pattern came out of my own brain.)

If I have to say what the best part about this blanket project is, it’s that fact that I knitted it with NO FROGS!!!! Yes! Truly! The lace tulip just knitted on so smoothly. Maybe the smooth labour of this blanket is an indication of how smooth my baby’s labour’s going to be. Haaa…what wishful thinking! But hey, one can always wish! =D

Now, enough of my blabbering. I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas holiday and a great start to the year 2014. I’m going to do my best to keep posting as regularly as I can, and also to keep my knitting fingers going – there are currently a few pairs of baby booties waiting for their finishing touches. Till my next post, I wish all my readers a lovely Tuesday. Enjoy these photos of my Tulips Blanket!

The Tulips Blanket - 9 Tulips with seed stitch border

The Tulips Blanket – 9 tulips with a seed stitch border.


view from the bottom right-hand corner…

A lovely tulip

A lovely tulip

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6 thoughts on “My Labour of Love – The Tulips Blanket

  1. this is soooooooooooo elegant looking, pure and the tulip is so pretty.. :) definitely will keep the little one warm and such a great gift of hard work and love.. ;)

  2. This is really, really beautiful. A wonderful knit, I love the tulips, there is no kitsch in it and it is elegant enough to be used later. What a great gift! Congratulations. :D

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