Mantova Report #14 – End of the Journey

It’s COMPLETE!!! It’s finally FINALLY complete!!!

Mantova Lacy Top - Front

Mantova Lacy Top – Front

Mantova Lacy Top - Back

Mantova Lacy Top – Back

After an awfully painful struggle with putting all the pieces together, I have officially completed the top, and my challenge. I can’t say that I did the best job at sewing, but at least I didn’t make too big a mess. I’m proud enough, and the feeling of extreme relieve is an understatement. It’s only taken about four months…. *roll eyes*

I must say that this top has given me much more frustration and hair tearing moments than joy at seeing the piece grow and come together. For those of you who have been following its progress, you’ll know it has much to do with the pattern instructions, and my occasional carelessness, which resulted in a total of  6 on the frog score board. I suppose 6 for the entire length of this project isn’t that bad after all.

I’m just so glad that I persevered and now it’s finally over. I can put this past me and not have to wake up to think I have to get on with the Mantova top anymore. YIPPIE to that!!! I can now move on to my next project. It’s one that’s been on my mind for weeks now – a baby blanket. This is going to be a special one, and it has to be special because it is an extremely personal one. The design is on my mind, and I just need to get it down onto paper. This I shall share a little with you next week. For now, rejoice with me on the end of my Mantova Reports…and also here are some more photos to feast your eyes upon :)

Close up - Front

Close up – Front

Close up - Back

Close up – Back

Close up - Left Sleeve

Close up – Left Sleeve

Close up - Right Sleeve

Close up – Right Sleeve

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16 thoughts on “Mantova Report #14 – End of the Journey

  1. THIS IS SO AMAZING!!! CONGRATULATIONS on finishing your first garment! I hope you’re IMMENSELY proud of yourself – ’cause you definitely earned it!!! HOORAY!!!! :D :D :D

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