A Little Red Pair of Booties

little red shoes 1_edited

I made this little pair of red booties because I was feeling quite down over the weekend. It was meant to perk me up, but it didn’t make me glow with happiness from the inside like I thought it would.

It did however make me wonder if Dorothy Gale, after returning from the Land of Oz and say she gives birth to a little daughter when she’s grown up and married, would like to have this little pair of booties for her baby’s sweet little feet?


Booties modified based on the pattern designed by Lynne Watterson.
The sweetie knit heart knitted based on the pattern by knittingwithheart.

13 thoughts on “A Little Red Pair of Booties

  1. They are very cute and so sorry they did not cheer you. Some holiday weekends are like that. You want to celebrate and be “like everyone else” having fun, but the thing is everyone else isn’t either. Maybe next weekend will be better. Take care!!!

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