For Them Tiny Feet

For her, with love.

For her, with love.

Here it is, one of the pair of booties I had in mind to for my little one’s tiny feet.

Following the video I put up two weeks ago on making your own knitted buttons, I put my head (and fingers) down whenever I wasn’t busy feeling sleepy and prepping baby things to whip up this pair. It was all lovely with the matching buttons, but still it was looking kind of plain. Then the other day, hubby and I was at a weekend market and we saw a stall selling haberdashery. I zipped on over and then there it was!!! The Windmill Buttons that I had been searching high and low for! To say I felt absolutely overjoyed is an understatement. I quickly picked out a pair and went to pay for them. Now that they are sewn onto the front of the pair of booties, it looks wonderfully complete :)

There are still two pairs that have got their straps and buttons on, but without embellishments. With the impending birth, I may just have to let baby wear them as is. Or I can hope that I will have time a bit later on (before baby’s feet get too big) to find something nice and add them to the booties.

At the moment, there’s a fourth pair waiting to be sewn up. It’s made of multicolour yarn. I LOVE multicolour yarn! If I get a chance to, I may add another post about it later today. Otherwise, this will be my last post for a while; I’m taking maternity leave from my blog. So before I end this, I’d like to say ‘Hi!’ to my new followers, thank you for following me :). Do hang around and I sincerely hope you enjoy reading my posts.

Hopefully I won’t be away for too long. But for now, till I can pop back in to say hello again, I wish all of you a lovely lovely Wednesday!

Inspired by Knitted Buttons

I started making a few pairs of booties while I was making the Tulips Blanket, but I was lacking inspiration to have them finished.

I still haven’t finished them. The three pairs have been sitting in my knitting bag hanging out with each other, waiting for their straps and bits of decorations. Knowing that they’re there unfinished had made me feel really really awful. Still, the inspiration wouldn’t come.

Initially I thought to get some tulip-shaped or windmill-shaped buttons for the booties. So I searched high and low on the Internet and through shops, but I couldn’t find any such buttons. BOO! Then I thought I’ll get some simple buttons and use those instead. Yet something inside me didn’t really want to go ahead with that because doing so seems like I’m not putting any effort into making these booties special. I’ve really been struggling to come up with ideas. I badly want to be creative but my creative juice bottle is empty and hasn’t been filled up for months! Some phantom drained me dry and somehow made sure it stays so. =( Oh wait…it’s not a phantom! It’s just one of the many amazing powers of the baby growing inside me.

Since last week, I’ve been surfing through websites for ideas. Nothing in particular truly inspired me, though I did come across some very pretty baby booties :D I am so envious of those crafters’ creativity! Then earlier today, I thought to Google ‘knitted buttons’ and I found this —>

Perhaps some of you have already seen this clip, or perhaps you know how to make your own knitted buttons through other methods. It never crossed my mind that this could be done, and so simply too! For me, coming across this video now is like striking gold! I finally have an idea of what I want to do with the booties =D I’m going to make me some buttons using the same yarn I made the booties out of, and then I’m going embellish the front of the little shoes with other fancy buttons, ribbons or flowers. Oh I’m so very happy now that I have a direction!

Off to the needles I go…. =D

My Labour of Love – The Tulips Blanket

Mr Hubby said to me this morning, ‘It’s Tuesday today.’

I looked at him and just managed to utter an ‘Mmmm’ as a reply.

I know what he meant, and I know some of you may be wondering why I’ve gone quiet. I haven’t been doing my Tuesday posts and it’s not because I’ve gone into labour already – there’s still about another 5 weeks for that. So what’s been going on? Well, I think the thing is all the baby research has put my mind on information overload and I just lost the ability to sit down in front of the computer for a fair while to get anything done. This morning it felt like today’s another one of those days, but I told forced myself to just sit down and get this done, or it will never get off the To-Do list.

So here it is, the blanket project that I had been working on….FINISHED.

The Tulips Blanket

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A Plant I Don’t Have to Water

Friends of mine was holidaying on the eastern part of Australia a few weeks back and they came to stay with us for a few nights. Knowing that I love to knit, I was given this lovely lovely present:


I squealed like a little girl when I opened up the wrapper and saw this lovely pot of mushroom, complete with a little lady bug. This present was bought in a shop somewhere in Noosa Heads. Actually, it doesn’t matter to me where it was bought; it’s the thought of the present that meant more than anything. I say this and really mean it because


So to my friends, I really thank you heaps and heaps for this lovely plant I need not water (and the lady bug that won’t fly away nor die =P) Hubby and I hope you both enjoyed your stay with us and had a really good holiday!

Here’s another photo of this cute ‘potted plant’ =) I wish everyone a lovely Thursday!!!


Norwegian TV Takes On Knitting Night

If you aren’t aware, the knitters in Norway had it real good recently…

What am I talking about? Well, my darling hubby was catching up on his daily news on Friday night and promptly informed me that Norwegian TV broadcaster (NRK) was going to air 12 hours worth of knitting on their local tv station, and they will make the program available for viewing globally as well.

I turned around, looked at him, and all I could muster was a confused facial expression that looked something like this:

..except of course I look much better =P

Inside my head swam this question of what 12 hours worth of knitting program meant. Is it 12 hours of various knitting related features or 12 hours of one person knitting…or what???

Knowing that look on my face, Mr Hubby showed me the news article. What made up the 12 hours of knitting broadcast is pretty much tips and tricks of knitting, a ‘How-To’ on the knitting of a motorbike cover (specifically, a Harley Davidson bike cover), and the viewers could also watch the arm of a sweater being knit LIVE. The program is supposed to have English Commentary for those who watch online, however I didn’t see any when I tried viewing a little of the broadcast earlier on. But then again, if you’re quite familiar with the language of Knit, you probably don’t need any commentary to get the gist of what’s going on.

The highlight of the program, if you can call it that, is an attempt to break Australia’s record of sheep-shearing. Let me clarify that this is no normal sheep-shearing record; it’s something called a “back to back challenge” where the wool goes off the back of the sheep and onto the back of a person. Australia’s record stands at 4 hours and 51 minutes. I have no idea at this point if the Norwegians broke that record, but if you have about that much time to spare (or if you are suffering from insomnia, say) you can view the footage of this challenge here and let me know if they did. I don’t know what you think but to me, that’s an insanely short amount of “back to back” time! I’m not even sure I can produce quarter of a sweater in that same amount of time!!!

I enjoy knitting. I enjoy doing it VERY much….but I’m not sure that I’m at the point that I would sit down and watch a 12 hour broadcast on everything knitting. I mean, it’s a very cool idea on the part of the broadcaster, and I’m sure many knitters out there wouldn’t protest to their local TV broadcaster coming up with a dedicated knitting channel…yet I’m not sure I could watch that much of knitting at one go. I would probably just pick and choose the segments that are of interest to me and watch them.

What about you, my fellow crafters? Do you think you’ll be able to sit down and watch 12 hours worth of your favourite craft on TV?

A Blanket Project

I took a one week break. After the battling it out with the Mantova Lacy Top, I felt I deserve it. And what a great feeling it was to not have it in the back of my mind anymore!!! =)

So now I’m back with a whole sense of calm and a clear head (ommmmm…), ready to start a new project; one I’ve been waiting to start for a while now, one that is going to be a great creation of love – a baby blanket for my precious little one. I have thought long and hard about the pattern I would like for this blanket and I’ve finally decided that it’s going to be lace and it has to have a tulip motif. I’ve made a tulip motif lace blanket before for my sister-in-law’s twins, so I was initially hesitant to make another one that looks almost similar. Thankfully, online resources are aplenty and I managed to find a lovely lace tulip pattern that looks different to the twin’s blankets.

I tried out the pattern on the yarn I’ve decided to use (an 8 ply 100% pure Australian wool) and here’s what it looks like:

A lovely tulip pattern

A lovely tulip pattern

I’m so very happy that I found this pattern and it’s not hard to follow. I’ve drawn out how I’m going to use this motif on my baby blanket but I’m going to be cheeky and not tell you more about it =P My fingers are itching badly to start and time is of essence here so I’m going to cast on tomorrow and get this going on its way. If I can do the twin’s blankets in two months, I can do this one in three. Hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze in a few adorable baby booties too!!! I better leave this post at this now ‘cos I’m getting all warm and fuzzy thinking about how this day has come that I’m finally making a blanket for my own baby =D

Here’s wishing everyone a lovely Tuesday (or will have a lovely Tuesday)!!!

Mantova Report #14 – End of the Journey

It’s COMPLETE!!! It’s finally FINALLY complete!!!

Mantova Lacy Top - Front

Mantova Lacy Top – Front

Mantova Lacy Top - Back

Mantova Lacy Top – Back

After an awfully painful struggle with putting all the pieces together, I have officially completed the top, and my challenge. I can’t say that I did the best job at sewing, but at least I didn’t make too big a mess. I’m proud enough, and the feeling of extreme relieve is an understatement. It’s only taken about four months…. *roll eyes*

I must say that this top has given me much more frustration and hair tearing moments than joy at seeing the piece grow and come together. For those of you who have been following its progress, you’ll know it has much to do with the pattern instructions, and my occasional carelessness, which resulted in a total of  6 on the frog score board. I suppose 6 for the entire length of this project isn’t that bad after all.

I’m just so glad that I persevered and now it’s finally over. I can put this past me and not have to wake up to think I have to get on with the Mantova top anymore. YIPPIE to that!!! I can now move on to my next project. It’s one that’s been on my mind for weeks now – a baby blanket. This is going to be a special one, and it has to be special because it is an extremely personal one. The design is on my mind, and I just need to get it down onto paper. This I shall share a little with you next week. For now, rejoice with me on the end of my Mantova Reports…and also here are some more photos to feast your eyes upon :)

Close up - Front

Close up – Front

Close up - Back

Close up – Back

Close up - Left Sleeve

Close up – Left Sleeve

Close up - Right Sleeve

Close up – Right Sleeve